"Do You Trust Them?"     

Discreet Investigations is a full service Private Investigations Company located in the San Antonio, TX area with coverage throughout the State of Texas. Discreet Investigations is fully licensed in the State of Texas and fully insured for the protection of our clients.

Discreet Investigations provides the following services, but not limited to the following. If you don't find your needs listed, give us a call and we can determine how to proceed in taking care of your needs, even if it means referring you to another Private Investigations company.

1. Criminal Defense Investigations; We work with Criminal Defense Attorneys and private citizens that need assistance with their pending criminal case. Discreet Investigations is authorized by the Bexar County Criminal Courts System to perform investigations in support of court-appointed defense attorneys.

 2. Child Custody Investigations; We work with Attorneys and private citizens who seek to re-take custody of their children. We  conduct surveillance and background research to determine neglect and/or abuse in a attempt to get the evidence needed to re-claim a child. We also attempt to locate deadbeat dads and/or moms.

 3. Workman's Comp. Fraud Investigations: We provide discreet, professional investigative services for insurance carriers, third party administrators and self-insured entities to ferret out workman's compensation fraud.

4. Infidelity Investigations: We work with Divorce Attorneys and private citizens to determine whether one party or the other in a marriage or committed relationship is "CHEATING".  Remember if you have a gut feeling something isn't right, it probably isn't. We give the client the information they need to carry on.

5. Insurance Liability Fraud: We work with Insurance Company SIU's to uncover liability fraud involving property and personal injury. 

6. Employee Theft Investigations: We work with business owners who find themselves losing inventory or money by monitoring employees both on the work site or moving about in a company vehicle. We provide surveillance services and/or GPS tracking. We also do pre-employment background checks to verify employment applications.

 7. Comprehensive Background Checks:  A comprehensive background check covers all areas to include but not limited to criminal records, civil records, asset information, past addresses, property ownership and social network information. We can also run mini background checks, for example, just a criminal check. Contact us for your needs and pricing.

  8. Process Service: Discreet Investigations is licensed to serve process in all 254 counties in the State of Texas. Due to our location we serve Bexar County, Comal County and Guadalupe County with no out of county fees.