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Discreet Investigations conducts background checks for Attorneys, Business Owners and Private Citizens. You will find many websites offering free background checks (some good, many bad). The problem with these websites is that the information is outdated and they don't have access to all available  information.

Discreet Investigations uses data base searches that are not available to the general public or the aforementioned websites. In todays world background checks are more important than ever in order to maintain your safety.
A Comprehensive Background Check includes, but is not limited to:

1. Criminal Records / Incarcerations / Warrants
2. Civil Records - Marriage, Divorce, Lawsuits, Bankruptcies, Judgements, etc.
3. Assets - Property, Vehicles, etc.
4. Previous Addresses - Address History
5. AKAs - Aliases
6. Social Network Searches
7. SSN Verification - Death Records
8. Contact Information - Family, Friends & Neighbors

This is a narrow list of what is possible to be gathered during a comprehensive background check. Discreet Investigations also does mini background checks, for example: all you need is a criminal check.

Contact Us for a free consultation and pricing. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
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